Iowa Recovery Room
Iowa Recovery Room
Holistic health services for relaxing, healing, and living the best life you can


Iowa Recovery Room



Holistic therapies to help you lead a healthier, longer, happier life. Be Well.



FLoat therapy

Come discover the relaxing benefits of float therapy for yourself. We are currently booking sessions today!


Sauna has been shown to benefit your overall health and well being in many ways including decreased muscle tension, improved sleep and has even been shown to help reduce frequencies of colds. Come warm up with a detoxifying sauna session. 

Frequently asked questions

If this is your first time experiencing sensory deprivation there are a lot of questions that may be running through your head. Let us help put your mind and body at ease.



"It is my firm belief that the experience of higher states of consciousness is necessary for survival of the human species" 

-John C. Lilly, M.D.


Rest & Relax

Step out of your daily routine and into relaxation and solitude.