Float Therapy

We live in a busy world that produces many different stimuli and stressors, physically and emotionally. Floating in a sensory deprivation float tank allows your body and mind to let go, weightlessly in silence. You are suspended in 10 inches of 94 degree water, which is the same as your skin temperature. The only physical sensation is the surface tension of the water which contains 850 pounds of diluted Epsom salt, allowing a body of any size to be completely buoyant. As you float, light (and heat, in two of our float tanks) can be controlled by pressing buttons located inside the tank. For those who have concerns about claustrophobia the door to the tank can be left open as well as the light left on. The main goal is to allow yourself to relax completely, letting go of mental and physical stress, and experience a deeper state of consciousness.


Physical Benefits of Floating

Floating relieves stress, improves sleep, helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, recovery from athletic events/injuries, diminishes pain, among many other proven benefits. The Epsom salts dissolved in the water are great for softening your skin, help purge toxins from the body, improve circulation, and regulate electrolyte levels. 


Spiritual Benefits of Floating

Floating is the "off switch to the world". The sensation of complete weightlessness and lack of stimuli allow mood enhancing chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to be released.  Through this absence of stimuli you mind is able to drift into a meditative state allowing the production of Theta brain waves, which are produced through deep meditation and just before sleep  


Learning Benefits Through Floating

While floating, there will be nothing to distract you, allowing your mind to fully concentrate and absorb knowledge on a newfound level. Studies have shown increased focus, comprehension and learning through relaxing meditative aspects of float therapy